Red Bull Photography

«Staying save, get the best possible shots and still enjoy a day in the mountians, is always in focus.»

After all thoses years in the freeride buisness – working as a guide, taking part at contests and being involved in photo shootings and movie production – Chris is not only an excellent freeride guide for guests, he truly knows all the good and all the secret spots around the Arlberg. This knowledge combined with the experience of what and how shootings are working is very importent when it comes to guiding professional photo and film crews.

This season «Into the White» had the pleasure to guide Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen and Charlie Pinder shooting Hendrik Windsted for a movie and a photo report by redbullphotography.


Rider Henrik Windstedt
by Jonas Bendiksen
Videography by Charlie Pinder
Guiding Chris Schnabel, Into the White