Expert level – steep lines and danger evaluation

The Winter 2014/15 started off really bad and the temperatures went up and down. A couple of big dumps followed by rain and very strong winds left a very unstable snow pack and lots of wind drifted snow. Not really the best preconditions to ride high and steep faces. Nevertheless the urge to find powder is still very alive. So how to evaluate the danger and be sure to come home to your beloved ones?

«It’s a beautiful day at the Arlberg and the «By Fair Means Crew»
is looking for fresh tracks»

  • Do NOT go alone, decide togheter
  • Use safety equipment & join an avalanche courses
  • Check out the conditions & avalanche report
  • Plan & prepare wisely
  • Take care & know your exposition in high located and steep sectors
  • Don’t be a fool and think you safe money without a guide