Splitboard Touring

Leave the beaten track and experience the backcountry on a splitboard

Splitboard Beginner
Splitboard beginner

With practical tips and tricks we will teach you the correct handling of the splitboard (correct skin handling, ascent techniques, traversions, ...) and take you on your first easy tours.

Do you need splitboard equipment ? Message me, I can help you.

Splitboard ADVANCED
Splitboard Advanced

You already have some experience in splitboarding, you've been on several tours ? Then this is the right place for you, hundreds of great climbs and sensational descents are waiting for you.

Splitboard High Alpine
Splitboard HIGH ALPINE

Snowboarding meets mountaineering. Experience unique adventures and amazing summits on splitboard tours in the glaciated high mountains. Besides good fitness, it requires special skills and know-how to move safely in the high alpine mountains. From glacier crevasse rescue to tour plan strategies, we work our way up to the highest peaks.


I do not carry out mass processing. Every day is individually adapted to the guests.
Furthermore, I do not work with a stopwatch in my pocket.

Anyone who rides with me, goes from the first chairlift to sunset - if you can make it.

380,00 € for 1 Person, each additional person + 40,00
max. 6 Persons a Group

* Prices per day, excl. Lift tickets & expenses


Who is behind «into the white»?

State certified snowboard guide & former FWT rider

Splitboard Guide Chris Schnabel

Chris, YOUR Splitboard Guide

I have always been an enthusiastic hiker. Even back in the days when there were no splitboards and we snowboarders fought our way up to the mountain with snowshoes. Nowadays the splitboards makes our touring life much more easier and you can enjoy touring way more.

The countless splitboarding tours at the Arlberg and its surroundings have always fascinated me and even now, after more than 15 years of intensive touring, I discover new possibilities every year.

Untracked freeride descents are my passion, safety is my top priority and your "best day of the season" is my goal. Get in touch with me and we will organize your next splitboard tour.

Freeriding mit «Into the White»

More fun in the mountains with safety


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Into the White
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