What else you need to know about Into the White?

How do I book with “Into the White”?
Every freeride day is individually arranged and the ideas and skills of the guests are taken into account in the planning. In order to make the freeride day a success, it is advisable to exchange ideas by e-mail. Just get in contact with me.

What is not included in the price?
Lift tickets, accommodation for guests are not included in the price. In other areas then the Arlberg, certain services may incur expenses for the guide, such as travel costs, lift tickets and overnight accommodation.

How is the price made up?
I charge 380,00 € per day for 1 person. Each additional person pays an additional 40,00 € euros. In the end the persons can share the price.

380,00 € 1 person
420,00 € 2 persons
460,00 € 3 persons
500,00 € 4 persons
540,00 € 5 persons
580,00 € 6 persons

I take a maximum of 6 persons a group. This is mainly for safety reasons. However, if there are more of you, I can organize a guide for an additional group.

If we drive to another area then the Arlberg, e.g. at the Powderchaser, there will be expenses in the form of driving costs, accommodation and possibly lift tickets. These have to be paid by the group.

Am I insured?
No. Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. I strongly recommend an insurance that covers mountain rescue costs !!!

What equipment do I need for freeride guiding?
Apart from good functional clothing and snowboard equipment, safety equipment is mandatory for freeriding. Avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe and first aid kit are the basic equipment. Airbag backpacks are also recommended. I can organize all the equipment for you.

What do I need for Splitboard tours?
A splitboard, skins, telescope poles and the avalanche safety equipment.
I can help you with the organization.
When touring, functional clothing is important, a second pair of underwear, sunglasses, something to drink, a small snack and not to forget a summit schnaps.

How can I imagine a Powderchaser Trip?
Well it is actually pretty simple. We will set a time. Best in the off-season. Two days before the start of the trip I choose the location with the best snow conditions and we meet on site. The area of operation is the Central Alps: Austria West, Italy North and Switzerland East. Of course we have to book accommodations at short notice. But that has always worked out good. With a Powderchaser Trip there are additional costs, these include my accommodation, lift tickets and travel expenses.

Who do I contact for a Freeride trips?
I have been working with the Elooa company for years. For them I have already guided several freeride trips. Together we explored Georgia, Norway and Japan on snowboard and splitboard. It is best to stop by Elooa.


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